Is this website legit?

Posted 12th Oct
Relation has brought a parking fine (PCN) to our house and asked me to pay for them as they are not good with technology. The website that it tells you to pay at is
Looks really amateurish and has picture of a tax disc on a car.
Any thoughts?
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Yes, it’s a legitimate company and a member of The British Parking Association, and the registered company number on the website is that as registered with Companies House.
The website is just cheaply made, after all it’s basically there for you to make a payment.
The real question is : is the PCN valid or should they appeal?
When was the 'offence' and when did your relative receive the PCN (parking charge notice). Remember it's not a fine, though they can if they want enforce the charge in court. There's are sites that help you with this, I've used one very successfully myself, Google them or ask me and I will pm you. For some reason I'm not allowed to mention them on here, unless the rules have changed - again!
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