Is this worth anything. I hate these threads so please forgive me for doing one. Amiga Format Magazines.

    I have 5 years ( less three magazines ) worth of Amiga Format magazine from issue 1 to issue 57.
    I must have the cover disks somewhere but may take a while to find.
    Do people pay for these or should I just take them down to my local re-cycling centre.

    I'm fully aware if someone wants to buy these then I will have to wait 7 days.


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    awesome stuff!

    If you can fin the disks, stick them on ebay as "collection" and you might get a few quid for them, plus p&p.


    god I hated 8 bit porn

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    Do you think it is really worth it?
    These weigh a ton.
    Would cost an arm and a leg to post/courier.

    My husband would love these - he's a big collector of old consoles and games. ( As long as you're not too far I'd collect if you list these for sale (I know there's a 7 day wait).

    Tries to edit but couldn't - just realised you're in Harlow and I'm in Notts. Would stil be interested in buying and paying for courier once you can list.

    Susannah, could you ask him please if he is interested in a, Philips cdi plus a load of games?

    List the CDi and games when you can. He already has a CDi but not many games for it, so he'd definitely like the games. Whether he would like to buy the lot would depend on the price you list at when you can list. Thanks for asking. xx
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