Is this worth it for a ps3?

Found 21st Apr 2009
a guy is offering me 9 games
little big planet smackdown pes pure grant turismo nfl tour fifa 09 chronicles of narina and ridge racer 7

with a 160gb ps3 WITHOUT THE BOX for £200.

Is this worth it? and how much would i get if i sold it on ebay do you think thanks for any help.
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that is worth it in my opinion as long as you got all cables and leads etc...

Dont know how much you would get on fleebay
Thanks its just out of the blue and i wasnt planing on buying one but i thought the price was pretty good and i can sell it if i dont like it.
Yes, buy it.
buy it now!
is it a bloke down the pub who's really just going to sell you a box of bricks and run off?
its my mates cousins ps3 and i can go and test it so it seems good , he wants a quick sale supposedly.
no box and a quick sale sounds dodgy.
what do you think could be wrong if a get to test it tho?
buy buy buy!lol

what do you think could be wrong if a get to test it tho?

Nothing mate I'd buy it, just saying it could be stolen if that'd trouble you.
The only thing that now concerns me is could it be an upgraded 40gb? and how would i tell?
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