Is this worth the money???

    Aldi are doing the below laptop starting on Thursday as part of this weeks special buy promotion. Is it worth £499???…htm

    cheers for your time



    Yes it is!

    It looks nice i thought it might have a bluray player on it for that price though.

    This is an amazing price and it is top quality for that price. I have had four people emailing me, telling me about this deal. I was after one a few weeks ago would have got one of these but got a netbook for £100. So yh top deal mate.

    It's made by Medion.
    Wouldnt ever touch another one of their products with a bargepole.

    Cheap products, with expensive processors thrown in to dazzle people into buying them.
    And the 3 year warranty would have you ready to murder someone if you ever have to use it lol

    Just get a 16GB iPhone 4....




    Just get a 16GB iPhone 4....LOL

    Thought you were being serious for a moment there :-D
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