Is this worth this?

    Im wanting to move to a mac mini. I have £220 saved and need £500. Could i get atleast £250 for this?

    AMD X2 6000+
    4GB ADATA Ram
    ATI HiS 4850
    DVD Drive
    5.1 Sound card with optical out


    it depends on what type of components they are, i.e. the speed of the CPU, the type of ram and memory of gfx. My guess is no, you wouldn't get £250 for it, ive been looking at components for weeks now and AMD cpu's just dont sell well, although the 4850 is valued alone at over £70

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    4850 is 1GB, 6000 is 3GHZ dual core, Ram is 866mhz

    sell it all seperately
    what ram is it and how much for the 4850

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    Cant split as the computer is my only one. Need to sell it all to fund the mac. The RAM is not name brand. A-Data

    A-data is a brand name and very well known

    you would need to split it to get a decent return i would imagine
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