Is ti safe to cable tie a fan to a gfx card heatsink?

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Found 26th Jan 2011
I have an ati HD4850 and the fan has gone.

It is a proprietary clip on moulded thing with an airflow shroud so screwing on a replacement is tricky and I am having no luck getting a genuine part. After market coolers cost more than the card is worth.

I notice a lot of ppl on forums saying they have modded their cards by just cable tying the fan to the heatsink. Looking in to cable tyes the basic ones are apparently safe up to 80 deg C but it just seems a little weird having the plastic and the heatsink in direct contact.

Anyone do anything like this before?


I have. Didn't use cableties, just good ol' fashioned blu-tak, attaching an 8cm case fan to a relatively humble GPU. Worked perfectly. The extra airflow probably did good for it, too.

i have an original 4850 heatsink + fan if you are interested.

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i have an original 4850 heatsink + fan if you are interested.

That's very decent of you to offer, I will let you know, thinking of giving the ties a go first.
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