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Posted 13 October 2014

Is ticket website www.axs.com (via The O2 London website) reliable? Requesting people's experiences & opinions. Intend to book tickets for Ed Sheeran at The O2 London on Wed 15 Oct

Posting on behalf of my sister who wants to book tickets to see Ed Sheeran at The O2, London, on Wednesday 15 October 2014.

She wants to book tickets direct via The O2 London website ( theo2.co.uk/eve…ran ) for Wed 15 Oct. When she clicks on 'Buy tickets', it goes to a ticket website called axs.com. When she googled axs, she discovered that some people had had bad experiences with them (customer service issues, etc).

Has anyone here booked via axs.com? Are they legit etc?

Many thanks in advance for any and all help.
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    I'm pretty sure this is the same site that sold the BST Hyde Park tickets (for £2.50). All seemed good to me. Managed to get in to BST Hyde Park no problems!
  2. cdm22's avatar
    They are fine.
  3. Over.The.Knee's avatar
    Thank you both for your very quick replies. The website seemed fine to me as well. My sister will now book her tickets tomorrow (if still available!).

    I tried to press the up arrow on both your replies, but for some bizarre reason HUKD seems to allow me to do so only once, so I've done so for the first reply. Thanks again.
  4. idbroadhurst's avatar
    Yep. Fine. Have a really good feature on there where you can reserve tickets as part of your order, so a friend can buy them at a later (couple of days reservation). It's neat.
  5. LilHammerette's avatar
    I went to the Ed Sheeran gig last night (purchased tix through AXS) and it was incredible, have a great time!
  6. Over.The.Knee's avatar
    Thank you very much idbroadhurst and LilHammerette for your replies (I wish I could upvote all helpful answers). My sister just booked tickets a few minutes ago via axs - there was very little availability of tickets all day (and prices on StubHub etc are still too high - how can sellers be that greedy when the gig is a day or 2 away?). She got side tickets with a slightly limited view, but hopefully it's the type of gig where the music is more important than what's happening on stage!

    LilHammerette - good to hear you had a great time. Did you win the VIP tickets from the competition you posted? By the way, my sister used to be a Hammerette!

    Thanks again to everyone for all your help.
  7. LilHammerette's avatar
    Nah I didn't enter that competition as I bought standing tickets the moment they were released on o2 Priority back in January. I queued from 11am and got to the front of the barrier X) A lil vid I took last night..

    There are 4 massive screens above Ed which should make it easier for your sister to see what's going on. Ed doesn't move that much during the setlist but he does get on top of the speaker at the front a few times so everyone will get a nice view of him, he has the crowd in the palm of his hand.

    'Used to be'? Aww, please tell me she has just lost interest and not defected over the to the dark side
  8. dealpickle's avatar
    I believe AXS is owned by the company that owns the O2 itself. I've used it without problems. Tickets for the O2 are usually also available at other legit companies like Ticketmaster and SeeTickets - it's worth shopping around a bit because different companies have different batches of seats, so you might get a better seating position from someone other than AXS.
  9. deleted1947298's avatar
    I purchased Ed sheeran Tickets through axs in june/july 2017 for 2018 and i had no idea if the site or tickets were reliable and the concert is on the 1/6/18 and i was panicking because i didn’t know if they were legit but the tickets came through today in a professional cover and the date is 19/5/18 so they came in plenty of time. I would 100% recommend this site.
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