Is Tiscali TV Any Good? Any Other Better Deals Out There?

    Hi Guys

    I need some assistance, my talktalk package is at the end of its 18 month contract and I am looking to change. I am currently paying around £21.50 for 8mb broadband, line rental and unlimited calls day and night. I see for around £25 Tiscali give all this and only a 12 month contract but includes basic TV aswell ( discounted for first 3 months ) and £40 Quidco back. I cannot get cable as out of area.

    Is this the best deal out there for everything under one roof? I can live with 2mb broadband if that helps,

    Appreciate any help


    Is Tiscali TV any good? Well, if you take the "TV" out of that question the answer would be "NO" so I'd guess the TV service probably sucks as well. How does the package compare to Virgin cable? Or does Virgin suck too?

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    Virgin is a better deal by the looks of it but cannot get it in my road

    Just to add my two penny worth...

    I used to be with PIPEX ISP... No complaints at all, excellent service. I lost connection once in 3 years. Tiscali have recently taken over PIPEX... I now have a slower connection and just had a letter informing me that I can still pay the same price for a worse tariff... Errr.. No!...

    I have also restarted my router 40+ times since the start of 2008!

    But that could be just me :-)

    i wanted tiscali tv because you get sky1 but it's not available in my road.

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    thanks guys - there seems to be mixed reviews, mainly bad about Tiscali, I think i'll stick where I am for the time being, thanks to all

    Had Homechoice (formerly Tiscali TV) and it was great. Then Tiscali took over and I got slow speeds, awful customer service, much more downtime.

    Moved to o2 broadband, and will never move back!!!
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