Is toby carvery all you can eat?

Posted 17th Apr 2010
ive never been to one but im going tomorrow, is it all you can eat??
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yep, its all layed out like a buffet type and you pick the veg you want expect the meat, they give you slices of the ones you want
Only on the VEG, you can go to the meat bit once but back to the Veg as much as you want. Well thats the rule in ours anyway.

BTW you can have a bit of ALL the different meats (usually Turkey, Gammon, Beef) or just the one. The yorkshire puds are MASSIVE too.
your only supposed to go up for the meat once but you can go up for more vegetables as much as you like
how much meat are you allowed on the trip

how much meat are you allowed on the trip

half a cow :thumbsup:

how much meat are you allowed on the trip

depends for us on who is serving when we go, usually if u have all three its one slice of each but u can pay for an extra serving at ours

The yorkshire puds are MASSIVE too.

Put the Yorshire pudding on last as it takes the whole plate up.
lol, i carry the yorkshire pudding, gives me more room on my plate to load it up with more food :-D
I fill my Yorkshire up with veg and the pour over loads of gravy. Yum yum yum, I wanna go now!
The food is poor why would u want more? meat is ok
just get chatting to the guy serving the meat, you will get extra!
honey glazed parsnips, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Go to Toby on a Wed/Thurs night when they have the curry night with 3 different curries, onion bhaji's, Bombay potatoes and popadoms in addition to the usual veg - its like my 2 fav meals in one hit:lol:
Admittedly its not Balti House standard curry but the chicken dish is bloody tasty and goes down well with Yorkshire Pudding, stuffing and the MUST HAVE onions in gravy:-D

Edit - oh yes - those parsnips!!!
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