Is Tripadviser the one to go by !!!

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Found 25th Jan 2009
I'm looking to book a holiday and can get a great offer at Holiday Village Benalmadena.

When doing a review on Trip Adviser, I probably shouldn't go near the place ,though other web sites give it better reveiws.

Is Trip Adviser the one to believe ???

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i alway check trip advisor reckon its the most honest site

You have to remember that people are more likley to complain if something goes wrong than give praise when something is OK.

I always use it - excepting the odd revenge dodgy review, it's flawless for info and ratings.

Holidays uncovered is good


Trip Advisor is great. Anything written by people who have ACTUALLY been there is worth taking notice of.

If friends and family told you that Resort X was awful, you'd take notice. I see it as a similar sort of thing.

I've used Tripadvisor for a long time, and have recently decided to "give something back" and have started writing a few reviews myself.

Where are you considering staying? Whats TripAdvisor say?

As long as there's at least a dozen reviews to give a bit of perspective, then T A is definately one of the better sites for reviews.

Trip Advisor is good or Holiday Watchdog always worked for me

we use trip adviser and holiday watchdog and for the last three years
on average i would say the reviews are normally right but i normall look at the good reviews first then start looking at the bad reviews you have to remember some people love to moan trying to get money back for their next hol
i also look at the peoples photos on the web site but then i would ask if anybody been on here
remember a holiday is what you make of it good luck with your choice

can you share your great offer details coz i'd luuuuuurrrrve to go there.(pretty please:-D)
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