is uksoccershop a ligit site

Posted 14th Jun 2016
my son wants a football shirt and this is the only site that sells the one he wants. Are the shirts ligit on this site or are they fake? Has anyone had any dealings with them please? The shirt is quite expensive and Im a bit aprehensive ordering from a site I haven't used before. thanks in advance
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yes its legit


here's an example of one to swerve
no UK ltd co name/number. no contact details - phone number, physical premises, email address (just a contact form on the site). no social media

uksoccer may seem legit (or at least more legit) at first glance but they've got some negative posts on their Facebook and here…hop (more to do with their fulfilment than fake goods). always remember, don't trust one review site - look at many. you can pay trustpilot for an account that gives you the right to 'challenge' negative reviews and remove them. challenges for paid customers can be on the flimsiest things. i.e. trustpilot's model is basically pay us to remove negative statements about yourself. i've come across several companies who tout their trust pilot rating on their site - it's a near perfect 10 from thousands of reviews. but other sites tell a VERY different story.
Do not buy from this company. Bought two custom jerseys for my grandson and after one wash numbers and letters peeling off. Refuse to replace or refund unless I ship back to UK from US on my dime and then they will make a determination on resolution. I sent pictures that clearly show the inferior product.
"This company will take your money and you will not hear from then again there customers service is non existent they deal in fake goods and if anyone thinks this is not true i will ask you to try and contact them before you part with any money just try and contact them on there fake phone number numbers or try emailing them i promise you will not regret it i have been scammed out of £75 for 2 tops and i have tried contacting them for over 4 weeks without one reply i have posted proof of order with order number this is a genuine customer experience"

I made two orders with UKSoccerShop. Will never use them again.

The first had two items which I received.

The second had 6 items. I only received 4. They stole $44 from me. Out of the 4 I received, 1 was damaged worth $56. Total $100. They put a picture with a frame made of cardboard in a bag and shipped it overseas. Smart! If I knew it was cardboard, I never would have bought it.

When I contacted them they said they shipped 5 of the 6 items (bull$#*!). 1 is back ordered and they asked for a picture of the damages.

Haven't contacted me back since I asked for a refund on the two items and the damages.
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