is upscaling just marketing puff?

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Found 3rd Dec 2007
One of the big selling points about these HDMI DVD players is the upscaling feature. A lot of people seem to imply they'll somehow improve your image/dvds to HD quality.

While a HDMI cable might give a clearer signal, i don't see how a SD source can be upscaled to HD quality - it all strikes me as a marketing con similar to digital zooms on cameras. Am i right or wrong?

one other thing, even if your HDMI DVD player didn't do upscaling, wouldn't your TV do it anyway?

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Yes and no really - an upscaled DVD is not as high quality as an HD DVD/Blu-ray, these high definition formats have far more data available to them which is how they can produce a higher quality picture.

However there are different ways to upscale and some are better than others, in my experience the upscaler in a TV isn't that great - there's a noticeable improvement in quality when the TV is fed an HD signal from a system which has upscaled the SD content to produce that HD signal. (that's signal, not quality).


ive got a ps3 and a hdmi samsung dvd recorder and they both upscale to such an extent that the picture is really really sharp and on older dvds such as the Young Ones it makes the picture almost unwatchable.
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