is uswitch just a con?

    is uswitch just a con, as i used it to compare utilities v(gas and elec), and it says on most of the top ones a £290ish saving can be made. when you go to the actual suppliers site and fill through the info, you find out it's more like £20ish saving. did this with a few suppliers. seems like they are conning people to get commisions. someone did make reference to this last year but didn't believe the extent of it till now!



    the middleman situation for me never saves me money, i agree all the sites wow you with huge discount numbers, none of which come true

    same with insurance, all these compare this and that

    phone them yourself and save more money

    Its only for about 10% of customers that will save that much so 90% won't! They just use the figure to draw you in to getting a quote

    Bloke from Eon knocked on my door the other day and asked who I was with. I told him Scottish Power and he said "Oh well, we can't beat them". Respect for his honesty...!
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