Is 'Very' the same as `Littlewoods'

Posted 10th Jun 2016
I was just wondering if the mail order companies Very and Littlewoods were essentially the same thing? Can I have an account for each?
Thanks in advance?
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They are the same apart from their pricing and a few other things! Littlewoods is free delivery bit charge you more for goods whereas very charge delivery but sometimes this is cheaper. And yes you can have an account with each!
You can have an account from each. I think they are the same company or something littlewoods seems more expensive. Probably best to use new customer offer with each and then never use them again.
they are both owned by a company called shop direct they own very and littlewoods and they used to own kays catalog and some other ones
Littlewoods is more expensive but you can spread the cost over a longer period of time. For example so much a week for 52 weeks interest free. With very they offer a 'take 3' deal where you pay the cost in 3 payments. Or both offer buy now pay later.
same company. 1 product even had a typo and guess what. Same typo appeared on both websites.

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