Is Vodafone best for occassional PAYG Mobile Internet? (only use for emailing, checking weather, etc)

Found 17th Oct 2009
From reading the services provided by different providers, Vodafone mobile internet credits will not expire so I'm very interested in using this. I won't be using it much other than checking emails, weather, etc every 2-3 days. I will be getting a netbook that has 3G capability so I will not need to buy a Mobile Internet Modem. My questions are:

1) Is there any other providers whose credit will not expire?
2) Can I buy the Vodafone PAYG Mobile Internet Sim without needing to buy it with the Modem?
3) Can I just use a normal sim card from any providers and use it to access the Internet on my netbook? (those only charge £1 max/day so if I can just use these, it would be quite a good deal)?

Rep will be left for your helpful responses. Thanks!


1 just voda I think
2 think so, any standard sim with the add on bought (maybe?)
3 should be fine, although not meant to be used in netbooks you'll be ok for the odd day. Don't hammer it!

You may want to consider Three PAYG if you have a 3G phone.

£10 top up will give you 150MB free internet allowance, good for 3 months.

1) Credit will not expire, but the internet allowance will (3months)
2) You can request for a free PAYG SIM
3) not sure......
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