is Vodafone global roaming going slower for anyone else on 4g?

    I'm in Tenerife and my problem is the same wherever on the island I go and my 4g is really slow, wasn't this slow last year when I was paying £3 a day on euro traveller. Now it's free to use all my 20gb it feels like it's being bottlenecked. I can't even send a small 30 second video on Imessage or WhatsApp without it failing. Instagram videos pause every 3 seconds for 2 seconds. My gf's phone is on the same network and has the same problem. Im getting 4/5 bars on signal under a network called ES and it's showing as 4g. Phones are iPhone 6plus an iPhone 6. Thanks


    I would expect that they are throttling it as they don`t make money ( just a reciprocal arrangement )

    Wouldn`t surprise me if we play with a straight bat when they come here and give them full speed 4g

    Never had 4g anywhere abroad.
    Been to Portugal and Madrid last month, 3G all the time.

    Turn 4g off and use 3g.

    Actually switch phone to 3G , I travel a lot and if I leave it on 4g always seems slow

    Yes, I'm in France at the moment (on SFR - Vodafone partner) and images struggle to load, particularly on more intensive apps like Facebook and Instagram.

    Might try the 3G trick mentioned above.

    It's been quite a big issue apparently since they've gone to free euro roaming even Alan sugar was having a pop at them on Twitter. According to their website they don't throttle and in the past when I payed my £3 a day speeds were fine, so there definitely a change.

    3G does seem to work more reliably - worth a go
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