Is vodafone really that bad?

Found 2nd Oct 2015
I am considering getting a vodafone sim only plan for my mum but really put off when I google vodafone reviews. Their customer service is slated.

But then is it really that bad as EE customer service also gets slated when I google that and I have been with EE many years and have always found their customer service to be very good.

I don't know if I can put too much reliance on these reviews as it would suggest EE is terrible for example, but in my experience that has not been the case.

Anyone with vodafone and give me their experience with vodafone customer service?
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Ive been with Vodafone for 9 months. Apart from porting my number over, I havent had to contact them. That was done within 4 days aswell. If I had gone by reviews back then I would have also run a mile.

You have to remember most people will only review something if they disliked it or had some problems. Otherwise they will just get on with it. Every company will have some complaints no matter how good.
I've been with vodaphone 10 years plus agree with above.
I can't wait to leave them in mid Jan after 24 months of pain. Almost every other month I had to phone them up to sort out my overcharged bill. Some times two to three attempts. Shocking customer service. My advice would be stay away from Vodafone.
Ive been with Vodafone for years, they are fine. Have a habit of conveniently messing up the bills in their favour. But I always make them pay for it. So all good! EE and Voda the best imo
I wouldn't go back to Vodafone, even if it was free. If you have a problem, they're useless.
Same as any company if u get a bad rep the Company rep takes a hit. Personally had a mare of a time for a while with o2 and then smooth sailing til a got a too good to pass up offer from Vodafone. They can cock up now and again but I haven't had a problem with bills
all major mobile service provider has compilants. so u have go with it!
Been with them 10 years and the best provider by a country mile in my area. Good and bad reception areas on all providers.
Vodafone awful for me, can't believe a word they say even if confirmed in chat transcript they ignore it. O2 used to be best IMHO but now bad for me too. Gone to Three for foreign use, pleased so far customer service in shop very good.
simple answer, yes, yes they are.

their signal is so poor and the CS is even worse. I was promised call backs multiple times. yet whenever I phone back there was 'no record on the system'
Been with Vodafone for over five years, value for money is brilliant I think but the customer service sometimes is one of the worst. And there's always a problem when it comes to the bill. Got a bill once for 200 pound and they said it's because of internet usage and i had to remind them I had free three month test drive! They apologised and offered another three months
I had massive issues with them with poor signal in various areas, my missus had problems leaving even when out of contract, it was so bad they ended up paying compensation to us for the hassle, so moved back to o2 and that's been as bad so most companies have good and bad points it's all down to personal experience tbh,
I ve been with Vodafone for 8 months now and everything's been fine. Sometimes it seems certain people are just unlucky and have issues whatever network they switch to. I don t think I ve ever go over my allowance so maybe it's excess usage that brings in the problems. Vodafone do offer a pretty decent discount for a customers working for certain companies so its worth asking if your company is on their list. I get 20% off my bill. I think that if you look for problems you ll as likely find them, but maybe I just got lucky.
If you need to contact them for any reason they are a nightmare! Best customer service I've received from any mobile company has been Virgin. EE were okay. Vodafone are terrible IMO.
I am with Vodafone and have had loads of problems with their website, usually get fobbed off by cs and do struggle to recommend them, although would think all the others are probably the same.
Been with Vodafone for years. I have never really had any problem with them or their customer service. Contacted them on numerous occasions and have always been dealt with quite well.

To be honest if you substituted Vodafone with any other name you would get the same stories of bad customer service, good customer service and nightmares but everyone has different experiences.
Just check coverage in your area, ask friends and find out if anyone is on Vodafone, if the coverage is good then go for it, if it is bad then obviously give them a miss.

People are always going to complain online about a network provider if they jump in first and take out a contract without even checking to see if they are good coverage in the area. Then that is when the problems start, but if you area has good coverage then I really do not see what customer service has got to do with anything as you would probably never have to call them anyway.

I've been on vodafone on and off for 18 years, Always resolved any issues I've had and cs have always been very good.
Ive had loads of problems with them over the 11 years Ive been with them but Im still with them so not all bad. Every time I complain I get money off bill etc. Not had to complain for over four years now and they did me a brilliant upgrade this year so Im very happy with them.
I was with Vodaphone for over 10 years, but the only reason I left was they wouldn't budge on a sim only offer. The guy I spoke to had a couldn't care a toss so that was that!
With a vmo on Vodafone. Areas where coverage is supposed to be good (including my local area) are ridiculously poor. I went into the Vodafone store recently and they told me proudly they were about to put a new 3g mast in..... oO
I had ported my number from diffrent provider to get the best coverage whats in real life is diffrent from whats the provider till you, i got it the hard way, my best advice got some payg sims try them then choose the best one for your need then use it, iam with ee best coverage and internet , voda three o2 all rubbish coverage in my area, once you happy with that provider you can get sim only plan , avoid mnvo like giffgaff they good for basic service but not for everything because they are like second class citizen to their parent company eg giffgaff to o2
Best of luck
Why not try one of the smaller companies that use Vodafone's coverage? I use Sainsburys (i think Talkmobile also use Vodafone's masts) and they're miles cheaper. I used to be with Vodafone because they had the best coverage but they're very expensive. Now i get the same great signal for much less money. No mobile customer service is particularly good in my experience, so you may as well just take the cheapest you can get.
Been with them over 10 years and agree with comments above. Had some issues with billing and have to Haggle every few years to get a decent upgrade, but on the whole I think these issues will be common with most providers. Testing the signal in your area and with your current phone is most important thing to consider before committing to a contact.

Been with them over 10 years and agree with comments above. Had some … Been with them over 10 years and agree with comments above. Had some issues with billing and have to Haggle every few years to get a decent upgrade, but on the whole I think these issues will be common with most providers. Testing the signal in your area and with your current phone is most important thing to consider before committing to a contact.

they give you 14 days to change your mind with a 12 month contract so i can always do this if the signal is bad?
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