Is wetherspoons selling haggis on burns night this week?

    anyone know?


    Their website will tell you.

    because i was in there the other day and i actually know i will tell you they started selling it on the 19th.
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    ive just looked at it but couldnt see anything


    I didn't realise until today that imported Haggis is banned in the USA.

    yes they are...

    I tried it 2 years in a row though this is going back 5 years and it was more haggis puree than haggis

    Yes they are! Haggis, swede and mash with drink for £4.49.
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    just to pre-empt the inevitable help thread this one will lead to:

    1) cut food into managable quantity
    2) transport to mouth using fork, or spoon if you aren't allowed to use a fork
    3) chew for approx ten seconds. you may need to use a clock to help time this. a help thread may be created if you need help to tell the time.
    4) once food has become soft, swallow.

    remember to avoid breathing whilst swallowing, or you risk choking. this wouldn't be a major issue, so feel free to disregard this.

    hhope that helps.

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