Is trustworthy?

Found 23rd Jul
Looking to buy a Canon camera, and the price is good. Also claims to be a UK supplier with UK warranty. However, the camera is £130 cheaper than high street shops (25%).

Anyone had experience with this company?
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write to them and ask if its grey or official European goods with MANUFACTURERS warranty or own warranty.

No reply = grey
Waffle = grey
No contact email = grey lists most of the kosher shops

Own warranty is not necessarily a bad thing if you are getting a monster deal. Its a major brand when all said and done and I don't believe they trot out 'seconds'. Check its a UK business then simply pay with a credit card (and not via a credit card using paypal or similar intermediary) and get your S75 protection…es/

But it must be a business that takes credit cards and you must pay direct and not through one of the rip off intermediaries who strip you of this protection
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Hong Kong based, usually provide merchant warranty, not manufacturer. Subject to HK law, so if things go south you would need to be comfortable to navigate HK legal system.
You will probably notice that any indication of the physical location and trading status of the company is near impossible to locate on the website, unlike every UK-based company website that is subject to Business (Names and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2015.
Believe no direct payment is available by credit card, so any S75 benefit would not apply. PayPal may support you, but PayPal can be equally difficult to work with if PayPal disagrees with you.
Would have every confidence that the item ordered would arrive and be same or acceptably close to what is described. Warranty servicing may be an issue, where any warranty may not necessarily be serviced in UK, regardless of what credible or otherwise arrangements were in place at the time of purchase.
It's a Canon G7x MK2. £399 here, £530 or so elsewhere. Which makes it cheaper than eBay.

Thanks for the comments though...I can now see why it's offered cheaper 👌
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