Is Your Broadband Slow? Tip for Sky users (I just found out about)

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Posted 12th Dec 2013
Hi All,

Posting in the hopes this helps someone.

I was concerned that my internet had slowed significantly over the past few days and had even disconnected entirely once, but reconnected after I turned the router on and off.

Figured it was due to the time of year, but then thought - hang on, why should other users outside my household effect my speed? Well it turns out they do, in the form of 'interference'.

What I did:

1) Went to this speed checker page to ensure it wasn't just in my mind…st/

Confirmed my speed was running slow, only 4.4mb/s when it should be up to 8mb/s

2) Went to the knowledge base on Sky's website and found this Help page here:…920

3) Printed instructions (because it turns off your internet momentarily)

4) Followed instructions - took 30 secs

5) Reconnected to broadband - you'll need your connection password so have that handy

6) Retested connection, and hey presto, now up to 5.5mb/s

7) I may test the other channels listed to see if they are any better

Also, i see you can 'repair' your modem if you have an ethernet cable handy, you can reset it, but I'm not sure if that will have an impact on the speed - has anyone tried this, can they comment on effectiveness?

Any other tips for boosting connection speeds appreciated!

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