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Found 8th May 2009
I am looking for the best rate ISA for this financial year.
I want one that i can transfer £10k into (from existing ISA account) plus this years allowance up to £3600. I also need one that will allow withdrawls in the year.

I have looked on MSE but i was wondering if anyone knew of any other special deals.

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Unless you are over 50, they are pretty much all the same.
I'm with Abbey, their super cash ISA is about 3.2%, was the best when i looked around a month or so ago.

But yeah, there's not much difference nowadays
Have a look at the normal comparison sites such as
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[COLOR=#008000]There are quite a few others around as well - with the future of the present Govt in... Well, whatever way EVERYBODY should take adbvantage of these. also look at ] Martin has some tips on there.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#008000]Happy to help further if needed.[/COLOR]

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Unless you are over 50, they are pretty much all the same.

Thanks for that!? :oops:
U talkin cash ISA only?
I have got an ISA with Barclays which pays 3.61% however it doesnt allow transfers.
Thanks for the advice. I have checked all of the normal places just wondered if there was anything else out there.
Hi Just done a similar one with M&S
Variable 3.1% and allows transfers BK
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