isis solar panels

    Has any one on here had them fitted and do they really save £300 a year,old thread on here had so much misinformation that you have to laugh.have read the reports on mse and solar panels but everybody says buy yourself but can't afford £12000.


    I am also considering these, so I will be watching to see if there maybe some constructive advice on offer.
    My opinion is any saving is money in your pocket for no outlay. But I am concerned about whether they will be an advantage or disadvantage when coming to sell the property (if I ever decide to). There is a mention that you can buy out the panels but no indication of what this may be. (I realise it will depend on lots of different factors).

    They do not work in Spain in the winter, so not a hope of working very well in the UK.

    Anything that is " Free " rarely actually ever turns out be free.

    Having read (between the lines) some self sufficiency books, in general it seems the savings to be made would be around 50% of whatever the manufacturer claims. The claims tend to be based on perfect conditions that just do not occur in real life.

    Being a cynic, I find that easy to believe.

    Buy out starts at £16,500 after 10 years £11,220 after 20 years £4,620 and at the end of the contract the equipment is yours. For the equipment to qualify for FIT the panels are designed to operate at 80% after 25 years and the inverter is of a very high quality but unknown life expectancy?
    Cheaper panels are rated at 15 years to 80%.

    I also expect savings to be half of what they quote, which might not seem worth the effort but if every south facing roof in the UK had PV installed it would make a difference? (Ignoring the manufacturing cost and CO footprint)

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