Isn't TV crap tonight

    Considering it's Xmas Day there's nothing decent on. Hence the reason I'm browsing on here.

    Merry Christmas BTW


    What about the Royal Family!?

    yeps i agree - but i thought corrie and eastenders were allright
    royal family isnt to bad ...#waiting to watch the airport send up at 10 on bbc1 -

    Original Poster


    What about the Royal Family!?

    True enough. Taping that for when I bored of this. I should have worded the title as 'today' rather than 'tonight'. Just think it's been pretty poor this year. Just not to my taste I suppose. Some people must be enjoying it.

    Watching avatar on sky movies... its amazing.

    Why should Xmas day be any different to any other?

    eastenders is on hd, what more do you want.

    dont hurt me.

    Come fly with me is truly awful. He should stick to swimming.

    how depressing was eastenders !

    what a let down come fly with me was -

    exactly, nothing on t.v, when i was a kid they had all sorts of movies on, and now blah

    Eastenders was pretty rubbish

    TV was good!!...being watching BBC1 from 7-11pm non stop. Manage to the watch top of the pops and the queen's speech too!!!!........X)

    max creeps me out.


    the two weeks of xmas is always the worst 2 weeks of the year for tv imo

    ive had to resort to ITV2 and dare I say ITV 3 for repeats of columbo and uncle buck .....

    johnny depps charlie and the choco factory on on itv1 though .....
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