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    I have an ISO file of Microsoft Office.

    I was hoping i could burn this to a DVD and then when i insert it into Laptop, that it would open setup - rather than just giving me the ISO.

    Hope this makes sense so far.

    ANyhoo, ive tried burning the ISO file with gBurner. Can someone tell me if this is a possible as i dont really want to create a virtual clone drive on computer. Thanks


    Download imgBurn and burn it using that. Its free.

    it's maybe worth just installing a demo version of nero or something? Will make your life much easier.

    Not sure on gBurner and at work so can't check

    EDIT: Take martinhb's advice!

    hmmm if you have the iso of the program it should run like a normal dvd that you could buy from a shop ..
    but daemon tools lite is easy to use and its free download and you can have loads running I have my games on there to save changing dvd's over each time I play a game

    Imgburn is great used to use that with dreamcast and 360

    Original Poster

    Il try Imgburn...

    il let you know if it works - thanks!

    Why waste a dvd just mount a virtual drive on the laptop…htm (free software)

    daemon tools lite or Alcohol 120 too


    Why waste a dvd just mount a virtual drive on the laptop … Why waste a dvd just mount a virtual drive on the laptop (free software)

    10/10!! easiest method

    Original Poster

    It worked using imgburn.



    Do you need it on a disk?

    You can save yourself time by using free software like ]Virtual Clonedrive

    It lets you mount ISO file as virtual CD/DVD drives, which then autorun like a proper CD.

    Not an exact fix, but useful to know maybe?

    Also an ISO can be burnt without extra software in Windows 7 - just right click and choose Burn - or "Open With" "Windows Image Burning Utility"

    Original Poster

    I needed it on a disk as im sending it to someone.

    If its for me i normally use VirtualSheep to mount my files.

    I agree Mounting is best bet but for this i needed the disk
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