hi ... can anyone give me some advice please ....
    i have a mamas and papas car seat and base ....primo viaggo sip .....
    this comes with a base but not an isofix base . now we are expecting another child in less than 8 weeks and would be grateful if we could just get a isofix base for it as they are less hassle .ie seat belts etc ..would appreciate some help please..


    Does it have a specific M&P base? I have a maxi cosi one but prob not suitable.

    You will need a specific M&P isofix base, any other base won't be compatible with the Primo Viaggio.

    I've had a quick look on M&P's website and there's only an ES and IP model that's compatible with the iso-fix base, I'm making an assumption that your Primo Viaggio seat is a couple of years old, in which case I doubt very much that it would be compatible with an iso-fix base.

    Boots have the base for £89.99 (plus your points) which is cheaper than on M&P's website (£125)

    but first priority is to check it would be compatible with your car seat. M&PS helpline is 0845 2682000 they should be able to give you the technical information you need.

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    thanks ....will buy isofix:whistling:
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