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Found 1st Apr 2008

Is it really worth posting a deal about a half price Creme Egg at a corner shop in Lands End. Does anybody benefit from a one off reduction in an isolated store, other than the few bods who live near in the town in question.

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I dont see the point of posting any deal about a creme egg anywhere now

Well people always seem to post deals for places like currys for items that are ridiculosly cheap, 97p for speakers the other day. Yet in reality there is never any stock anywhere, no matter iof you did live in lands end! I personally think these are a waste of time.

Oh yummy, which shop in lands end???



Oh yummy, which shop in lands end???

can ya pick us up a couple:thumbsup:

I just think endless posts whinging are a waste of time. For the one person who may see that deal who lives in Lands End and is feeling **** and a creme egg at a really cheap price brightens there day - it makes it all worthwhile! :-D

The next thing you will be saying is that we should only post deals for Mainland UK (not N Ireland, Highlands or Islands) . Already if there is a deal for a shop that is only on Northern Ireland it is given cold rep, yet if there are stores which are only England based or stores like Ebuyer who charge £20 for a 50p item to be sent to N Ireland Highlands and Islands it is given heat - EVERYTHING is relative

I agree, they are a complete waste of time.
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