Isolation Flamedeer

Posted 20th Mar
In these desperate time of lots being locked to their own houses, now more than ever, the country need you HDUK and the flamedeer spirit!

What can they be called, I will start;
Bog Roll Flamedeer 🦌 (win a HDUK loo roll)
Community Updates
I know people love the hunt with the Flamedeer

but a couple of giveaways in discussions if anyone is interested in entering for the chance to win

March giveaway £10 voucher…738

Easter giveaway Chocolate Orange bundle…522
"Desperate times"? All this crisis is self-inflicted, unfortunately there is no vaccine from stupidity. Many people need to clear their heads. I recommend to go to park and pick up some litter, would do more good than "hunting" for virtual deer.
If you must ask for prizes and competitions please have the decency to use the correct name!
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A deer hunt would be nice. I agree!
Hermit deer, troglodyte deer, agoraphobic deer (that one would appear at the end of a year inside), going claustrophobic deer, or you could have the streaming deer, gaming deer, puzzler deer, baking deer, Spring cleaner deer, there are so many possibilities. Nice way to pass the time and gets us all talking to each other
Edited by: "Wolfout" 21st Mar
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