Found 7th Jun 2008
stuck with BT charging me an arm and a leg, anyone know a company who will get me out of the contract and is decent enough rate a month with no caps
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I thought BT was unlimited?
i know what you mean, i'll contract is up the end of the month, we are gonna see what deal we can get off of them or go elsewhere, don't get me wrong we've had no trouble with the service but when your paying nearly 30 quid and all the other providers are going it for a £10 its a big difference
nah getting charged for over usage, not really sure what to do,
I think o2 is about the best at the moment. Ill be switching to them from telewest. Get a pay as you go simcard if your not an o2 customer. £7.50 per month

Quidco too:thumbsup:

any1 know of other providers that will take over my existing bt contract?
my mum uses that supernet no matter how much she uses the phone and internet ( and my mum is naughty when it comes to downloading she download crazy) she only ever pays £20 for the phone and internet a month
No-one will take over your contract, you will be charged the remaining term on the broadband from BT. When your finished your contract BT can renew it and give you money off. BT be a bit more pricey but they offer a good service, alot of cheap broadband is sh!t, they offer a 2mb speed and a very small capped usage, then have premium rate tech support numbers you have to pay a fortune for equipment and they take forever to put it on your line! why be a cheapskate and pay for a cheap broadband where you get rubbish service?
I'm with BE, download rather a lot "ahem" nice speed, get 13meg d/l speed on 24meg connection (I'm along way from the exchange) for £18 a month, nice adsl2 wireless box, excellent service
im with 02 if you got sky join 8meg for a fiver a month
If you can get BE/O2's LLU service where you live then that seems a good one to go for, if not then you haven't got that much choice as a lot of ISPs either cap or throttle. You could try post office broadband as they only have an airy fair usage policy rather then any explicit caps. The BT cap is about 40GBs isn't it?

Nobody can get you out of your contract if you're still in the contract period but most ISPs should be able to migrate your connection for free without charging you an additional activation fee as you're on standard adsl at the moment.
o2 is the best there is around just now BUT if you unlucky like me and live outside the area it charges a lot more...the next best is SKY!!! especially if u have sky digi already i managed to get a free sky plus box and FULL digi package and broadband for £49 which is only £10 more than i was already paying for sky in the first place cos i told them i was going to cancel.....
if you phone between 4 and 5 at night they have so many extra deals they can offer cos they need to make there quota but leave the best till the shift change over !!
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