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Found 14th Sep 2009
Probably a long shot!!
I want to access some uk betting sites which I have accounts with but i'm currently in Italy and they block all the uk betting websites some kinda law they have here ,is there any other way of sort of blocking the isp address and accesing these sites ??
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you could try using a UK proxy server however im not sure if this would work or is even legal. My guess is you'd be breaking italian law but that is just a guess
try using firefox!

try using firefox!

wouldn't this still be using the same ip address?

you could try:

Hi is this safe to do it this way as I have to log in my account details would cloakroom have access to this?
well as far as i know its a safe website, its been around for years, but dont hold me to the complete safety aspect of your details!
paypal me te money and I'll put the bet on for you.
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