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Been paying way over the odds for my ISP for years on account of "if it ain't broke don't fix it."
But I could do with a change and better value.

Been looking at Be broadband and 02, from what I can gather they are now essentially the same company.

Anyway, 02 say my area isn't currently unbundled and the Be site says it should be unbundled sometime this month.

So, to my options.

Go with the £17.50 02 offer, assuming I'll be offered the cheaper rate once unbundled or hold off and wait for Be to be available????

Any others I should consider?

The £17.50 02 deal is for "up to 8mb"......and in theory should be reduced once unbundled.

The Be deal would be £14 (when available).

Are these two providers good and reliable?

I like the idea of 02 and bought an 02 PAYG phone specifically with their offers in mind, but I don't want to find myself tied into a £17.50 contract when others get it for £7.50.

Their site says they contact you with options once area is unbundled but do they???

Anyway, I would appreciate your views on these 2 options and any others you think worth considering.

I have my MAC code so I'm good to go.

Thank you.

P.S I am not swayed by offers of routers/A.V software and all that gumph as I have all I need in those areas.


The Lite deal from F2S is a good deal, I was looking in to this for my mother-in-law(to be) at the weekend.

also recomended it to someone else on here earlier:…hbb

Free Setup
up to 8mb
Free wireless router
free 500 minutes one the phone
10Gb/month transfer limit (which is more than enough for surfing and gaming online)

Also the lite deal from UK Online is a reasonable deal if you want unlimited transfer, however note there is a £25 setup fee and if you want their router it is £49.99 (unless you already have one).

Both F2S and UKO are recomended in terms for reliability and customer service on [url][/url], which is based on customer reviews only.

Not sure if this is allowed (if not mods please remove), but if you do go with the F2S deal, on the last stage of setup it asks if you were recomended by a friend, if it's ok then put "dmccabe" and I get a free month then

Wait for 02 unbundling you will not regret it! - go through quidco for £25!! We are paing £7.50 a month for the upto 8mb package, ha upto 8mb my backside more like 8mb then take 50% of that and add it on!
These are the actual speeds we get, lowest was around the 9700 kb/s mark.

Sorry just seen its a choice of the options you gave, in which case I would call o2 broadband and ask that if you sign up now can you be switched to their LLU when it becomes available,

get a £35 a month phone contratc with orange and then bang you get the option o 8mb broadband for a fiver or you can get 2mb for free, also i think both plans have unlimited downloads. they also supply free wireless router.

i hate orange but it cheap and it works, if you think you gonna need tech suppport do not go to orange.

also with orange you get the option to pay them for your landline, they offer this at 10 bucks a month opposed to the minimum that bt charge of 10 bucks 50

I would say avoid Orange broadband like the plague! Very poor service levels.
O2 on the other hand are a much better option - i'd wait and go with them.

Your not tied into an expensive contract just use a pay n go o2 number and all you need to do is top it up once every 3 months with £10 and they cool

ive had orange was great when it was freeserve now it naff
moved to sky bb ok ish but during peak times it was like take a ticket and wait for your pages to load
o2 so far seems to be great
you have to use their router but it not bad you plug it in switch on and surf no user names or anything super

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