ISP's To Disconnect Illegal File Sharers

Found 12th Jul 2006
Illegal file sharer's might have their internet connections closed down. This is probably the first of a big push by the look of it.

vnunet.com/vnu…ban VNUNet Story Here
Community Updates
Newsgroups is the way forward, totally annonymous and none of this slow, watched and awkward to get p2p rubbish!

Small fish a in a big sea of big fish's...
Or legitimate ownloads Just need them to be quite a bit cheaper than paying out for a CD for example. If half the price, they'd probably be worth it!
they deserved it, if they werent so greedy to start with, people wouldnt have invented different ways to get music for free on such a large scale.

Easy... cheap music downloadable easily... lose the digital rights rubbish and hassle.

They would make a killing of money, i know most people would rather pay 50p to a quid for a track if it meant they could get a guarenteed good quality track, from a stable download server. instead of turning to hassle filled p2p software.
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