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Found 8th Aug
Does anyone know where I stand here? I 99.999% of the time purchase online, but my wife decided to purchase a PS4 pro instore preowned. or the fortnite package for £319 (their normal preowned consoles are £299) They said fortnite package can be downloaded.

After receiving it and opening it up, there is no fortnite code inside.

Called the store, they say we cant return it for a refund and he was sure he packed the code inside.

Legally are we allowed a refund as its not coming with the item it says it comes with. At the moment we paid £20 more to get a logo of fortnite on the box.
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Shop tills have to be covered my cctv get them to check cctv see if the game card was put into the box. Them saying they are “sure” to me is not a valid statement.

I would argue for a refund or check cctv.
Maybe they can give you the code that was issued to you? They must be tracked somehow?
ask to speak to customer services / the manager - then complain.

(pretty sure it links to your gamer tag, so.... obviously you "either have it or you don't" - also seems strange that they are "tampering with boxes" / inserting / removing "items (codes) from them" etc etc.... (???)

- if still being d-heads, then find an exernal headquarters to complain.

- consumer law is *too difficult to understand for me, but they definately "owe you that which was agreed" / can get themselves in trouble (pending long winded complaints).

*each place can have a specific refund policy re: "digital goods" - but you can return the unit within 14 days under consumer contract regulations (i haven't done that before so don't know how specifically).


if there is a different game store / different staff then you may have an entirely different outcome ?.

i.e. a "nice human" was to "offer help" - as opposed to be d-heads...
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You maybe able to use the "not fit for purpose" part of the sale of goods act.
Has anyone got any experience returning a pre owned console to game for a full refund?
have you checked "everywhere" for it ? - car boot / shop bags etc etc ?. i had a guarantee recently slip out of a "sealed" carboard box (don't know how / couldn't repeat if i tried - complete headscratch).

you have the rights as a consumer... (should be refunded in entirity) but they have the right to dig in / argue / it may be best to have to take it on the chin if it is not worth the stress ?.

(pretty sure you would be refunded eventually either way as even if he did put it in - it wasn't packaged correctly....).

i would try here -…nt-

also your rights -…act

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Game took it back today without any questions asked.

Funny that. When I asked them I want a refund on the phone, he said to me that no you cant do that on pre owned goods.

I didn't take it in the store because I have a zero success rate with returns. Amazing what happens when you send a female in for the return though...100% success rate every time.
- d-head will have been guessing from lack of inclination to do work probably...

glad "you" got it sorted! - things like that stress me out big time (i don't have a wife to send on errands etc etc).
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