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Issue with Borrowbox offline viewing

Posted 5th Jun 2020
When I choose the book and click on it, it automatically downloads before you can read it so I waited and watched it download the 60 something mb before reading (Michael Palin North Korea Journal).

If I open Borrowbox without WiFi and click on the book it just stays on 'opening ebook' turning circle. If I then turn on WiFi it still stays like this so I have to then close the app.

If I open Borrowbox with WiFi and click on the book, it opens almost immediately and I can read it and turn pages. If I then turn off WiFi I can read a few pages but then the next page will be blank (not loaded?) and frozen so I can't turn to next or last page. If I click on the screen to bring up the menu/chapters and try to choose another chapter to try and get to another area of the book, it says 'chapter could not be loaded'. If I then turn WiFi back on the chapter loads and the app works.

So it seems like I need WiFi on to read an ebook even though I should be allowed to view it offline. Does anyone else have this issue? I wanted to try another app like overdrive but my library only supports Borrowbox.

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