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Posted 14th May 2019

everyone, I bought an iPhone SE back in October from Ebay for my

daughter. although it was stated the purchase has 3 months warranty and

30 days Ebay guarantee; the rare camera stopped working in February. I

get back in touch with the seller and no reply. when I asked Ebay for

advice they refer me to PayPal stating that I am covered for 6 months.

now PayPal closed my dispute and closed the case. in the mean time the

seller got back to me and offer to repair it; I agreed and asked for the

seller to let me know where I could send the phone, since then no

communication despite numerous emails.
I went back to Ebay and they

again suggest to get in contact with PayPal. the person on the phone

from PayPal suggests to complain about the closed dispute than opening a

new dispute, which I did the same day got an email confirming receipt

of my complaint.
two weeks after I phoned PayPal to chase the case

and I was advised it will take 30 days. today I phoned back to PayPal

and I was told the 30 days advice was wrong and once a dispute is closed

there is no way to be re-open. I was so angry and phoned Ebay their

advice was to go back to PayPal the guy from Ebay said

they(PayPal) can't close the dispute as the case isn't resolved. back to

PayPal the same thing again and again.
any recommendation as to

where to go or what to do? it's been so draining and annoying

experience. sorry for the long post I thought I should explain

thanks in advance
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