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Issue with GAME return..

Posted 29th May 2020
Looking for some advice about an issue I have with a GAME UK return

I purchased a PS4 Slim with 3 games during lockdown, got the console and it had a fault (abnormal noise coming from console) I had only used it for a few hours, I did not even unseal the games.

Isent them an email with video evidence of the fault and was told to send it back and I could get a refund, I waited nearly 2 weeks to get a refund but the refund amount was lower than the purchased amount (£60 less than paid for)

I was not told why the amount was lower, the email simply had a lower amount on it, I sent them an email and was told not all parts of the bundle were returned, they told me they did not get the games back that were part of the bundle, but I definitely put them in there.

I presented them with photo evidence to the contrary, proving I sent them everything back and they still denied it, basically called me a lair because the photos were not of a sealed box so they could not prove I had taken them back out after taking the photo (?) and told me i would not get my money back, currently looking into contacting my bank to get the money back.

I left a bad review on there trust pilot but I can see a lot of those, I can see one person did not get a full refund because they did not return the digital code for now TV (which would be impossible, I have mine but never used it)

Is there anything else I can do?

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Sorry to hear that happened. If you're happy to risk getting a ban from shopping on the GAME website do a chargeback with your bank
Screw GAME, do a chargeback and never use the garbage company again. Wouldn't surprise me if someone put the games to one side before processing the return.
which ever staff member who did that return, robbed those games
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