Issue with Quidco referrals not tracking

Found 10th Oct 2017
Anyone else had an issue with Quidco referrals not tracking recently? I've referred 3 people so far this year, each with a £5/£5 split. They all signed up immediately and have each made £5 cashback to qualify for the referral bonus but none have tracked/paid.

The part that I find odd is that if I generate a referral link (for example **Removed) this seems to redirect to the address…ade

Is it just me or is there no tracking in that link? It seems like there's no way for Quidco to track my referrals as it just loads a default page with no reference to my account?

A bit frustrating as I've missed out on £15 so far. They currently have a double referral bonus offer on but I don't see any point in sharing it with anyone!
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@chunk3rvd i've approved your post, however i've removed the ref link (even though it doesn't currently work) as this is against our terms. Hopefully someone will be able to help.
In case anyone’s looking into the same issue and comes across this - after a little back and forth with Quidco they’ve admitted that their referral system has been broken for a while and said that my missing referral credits would be fixed for me soon. Keep pushing their support if you believe they owe you credits and have evidence to back it up like I did
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