Posted 2nd Jul 2019
Hey, so iv just signed up for Revolut yesterday to take advantage of the Netflix workaround using VPN. Iv added £10 to the Revolut card and then converted 41.99TL.

When iv gone to make a payment i keep getting an error message (not made a note of the error but was something along the lines of there has been an issue - not a card declined error). i tried several times but couldnt get it to work, i tried a debit card and again kept getting the same error. i ended up having to clear cookies and tried with debit card and payment went through fine.

Today i have logged onto netflix from a different PC with no VPN to try and update the payment details to the Revolut card for next month but still keep getting the same error message.

Where am i going wrong?

Error message is "There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use."
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