Issues with destop pc usb connections

Posted 17th Sep
For some reason when I use both usb ports on my desktop pc at the same time it seems to cause issues for example if I have say my external harddrive plugged in and my wifi adapter my wifi adapter often refuses to connect to the internet, Could this be a motherboard issue? Many thanks
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check your drivers are upto date
Your usb devices may be drawing too much power.
Try using a mains powered usb hub, see if that helps resolve the problem
Not only is power shared on a single motherboard USB controller, but bandwidth is too. Consequently, a hub may not allevaite the problem. You can resolve this issue by connecting the hard drive and wifi adapter on separate controllers on the motherboard.
Front case ports or direct on the motherboard/rear. If it's just case ports it could just be an issue with them/the mobo header. Try use the rear ports with an extension if needed.
Does your external drive have a twin lead?
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