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Posted 11th Mar
Has anyone had issues with motor easy?
I am having repeated issues with them and it looks like I will need to sue them.. Has anyone had a clutch repair with motoreasy and what was your experience?

I have found that motoreasy firstly repeatedly will just pick Halfords... they have a chairman that used to be the Halfords Coo so that may be why...

They have a terrible complaints process and I find that they are often dishonest about what is going on

They will do anything not to pay out.

You need to be very wary about the fact they say that they cover wear and tear... they actually don't really... they basically allow themselves not to have to pay out by excluding from coverage damage that would occur in a wear and tear event so I have contacted trading standards as this needs to be looked into.

On numerous occasions things that should be logged are not and documents from their partners are missing.

They will blame Halfords but yet always pick Halfords as their go-to garage.

It is also often more expensive to get a repair done under Motoreasy.

I am out of pocket having spent 72 pounds on some kind of initial assessment and 726 pounds out of pocket for my clutch repair which my policy A says that it covers wear and tear on.

Doing the repair through Motoreasy would have cost 1200 to over 1400 pounds!

The joke is after paying for the initial assessment of 72 pounds we were sent away with the car as the car should have been okay in the short term and they were going to submit quotes to motoreasy and then we would be told to bring the car back after motoreasy chose one of 2 quotes...

A few days later at around 10 at night myself, partner and newborn were on the motorway when the clutch went which was absolutely terrifying as you are unable to pick up speed and we could have had an accident... we got stuck in a live lane....

Now Motoreasy are declining my claim and to top it off the receipt on the portal has been scrubbed because something has been refunded somewhere but motoreasy can't tell me who or what and the garage can't find any record of the car coming in... even though we can prove it... the car was also sent back without the clutch actually being checked as the gearbox or something needed to be taken off ... DANGEROUS


This is not even the only situation I have had with them!!!!!!

Be very careful with this company and the government needs to step in as I am sure they really are treading over a lot of customers...

I feel that someone needs to go through past claims someone independent and check whether what is going on is in the spirit of the law or can be construed as failing to treat customers fairly.
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Nobody is taking a gearbox out to check a clutch. If the box is out a new clutch goes In
No ..that's what has happened... basically you have to pay a 72 pounds charge for a health check.. they just look over the car... we got given the car back... however for motoreasy to pay out they first want the gearbox taken out to look at the clutch which they will pay for only if the cause of the clutch going is not wear and tear... if it's wear and tear you need to pay Halfords between 400 and 500 pounds for the fact they took the gearbox out and then find the money for the repair...on top after you already paid 72 pounds... your looking at a total of 1500 round about... That's how Motoreasy work... it's a joke right... basically your paying extra to help them not pay out.
Call motoreasy yourself and check I don't know anything about cars ... I managed to get the whole repair done for 726 with my own garage and when i asked motoreasy why it's not cheaper through them.. the guy hung up.

Also i am grateful I can post on here..motoreasy have stopped my review on UK TRUST PILOT and sent me a sniffy email about the that they have seen reviews about them ...

On top of that what they are saying is something has gone wrong with the garage they have picked and it's not their problem...

The booking has gone missing apparently although it wasn't missing before...
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