Issues with uk google store/pay when using Indian youtube premium

Posted 25th Jan 2023

Had Indian youtube premium for a couple of years and then in November I had to delete an Indian payment profile that had shown up on my main google account, I had created a secondary google as the main account when setting up YTP as advised here.

This let me continue with YTP until last week where all accounts google store were now Indian, but we couldn't buy anything or download uk aps like dominos.

I removed myself from family and also cancelled my payment so I've totally screwed my previous setup trying to get my main account back up

I think the initial issue was caused by me starting to use google pay on phone everywhere and that had both my uk and revolutionary cards on it, with the revolut one being how I paid for YTP.

Has anyone else experienced these issues? Do you think it's been google pay? When I reset payment in November I didn't include my revolut in google.

Anyone else experiencing these issue, especially the playstore issue.
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    Having the same issue, I haven't currently found a solution but looking into purchasing an Indian Google play voucher and using that to pay
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