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    Hi, The company i'm working for has asked me to complete a project for its boardroom, I do basic front line IT Support hence why i've been asked. The set-up at the moment is that they have an interactive whiteboard, projector and whoever is completing a presentation, uses their own laptop. What they want ideally, is a desktop PC to house the interactive board/projector software, and to possibly be able to play presentations from their laptops on the whiteboard through the PC.

    Is this do-able?

    If the above isnt clear feel free to ask away...Thanks.


    be able to play presentations from their laptops on the whiteboard … be able to play presentations from their laptops on the whiteboard through the PC

    Yes it's possible, but too clunky to be worthwhile trying.
    You could always set up a PC to control everything & then use a USB stick plugged in to the PC to run the presentation.

    Or have a shared drive on the network where they can drop their presentations?

    As Sancho mentions, shared network drive. You could then, seen as the software will be local to a standalone PC, RDP to that from the Laptop (if it's on the network).

    But, to be honest, if you need to present from the PC, just have the PC on some kind of stand with the usuals (Monitor, Mouse & Keyboard) but have a dual output to clone from the PC to the Projector and just allow people to present by dropping their files on a Network Share/from USB Stick.

    You could go the extra mile to have a Wireless Presenter as well, to allow them to flick through presentations without hanging around the PC.
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    Mate, I don't get the purpose of this project... what is it supposed to achieve exactly?

    don't get why they would want to do this. its possible but as stated very clunky and probably no more user friendly,
    there would have to be re-configuration of each laptop that was used just to work and this would probably need un-doing after the presentations.
    Part of the support role is to justify actions, there is simply no justification for this project.
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