It looks like Tesco delivery will be £6 or £7 a time over the holidays.

    The title says it all!


    Harsh especially when they dump it on the doorstep without carrier bags

    Depends how much you value your free time, personally I think it is worth every penny, especially at this time of year - unless of course part of your Christmas Celebrations is fighting your way around an overcrowded supermarket, having to listen to their piped Christmas music and then queuing up down the aisles to get to the checkout.. Nope that's money well spent in my book, and I probably save the £6 or £7 by not buying all that stuff that I didn't have on the shopping list:thumbsup:

    You probably spend more time trying to find everything you want on the website. I bet you spend just as long as you would in a supermarket.

    being pregnant with a three year old id take the home delivery option everytime although i love laughing at how crazy everyone is and howe much food they r buying they dont need - only thing is i like diving at the back for the longest date on the shelf and delivery dont do that!


    it is high and with prices coming down they should maybe knock a little off, but i would spend more than that if i went in store, at least on line i can stick to a list and a budget !

    but i agree they just take one off front of shelf, where i to would go to the back for the best use by date x

    I guess it's worth it and you can usually off set it with other voucher codes from here. It does bug me the sell by dates issue though.

    im gonna go midnight food shopping and miss all the crazy people this year lol
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