It seems to be all the trend atm

    Having half your head shaved.
    I have been looking for a new hair style and i like it but i think its a little to daring . Plus my boyfriend hates the thought of it .....

    What do you think?


    Dare to be different and don't follow trends :whistling:

    My cousin had it done a few months ago, a bit like Rihannas' cut. I wasn't too sure at first, but it has grown on me.

    they all look more ugly now

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    My friend has a little like amelle but she can still wear it as a normal bob iykwim

    and its shaved on both sides

    Daring but worth it

    Looks horrible

    Personally I think it looks terrible, women and shaved heads don't go together. But that's just my opinion...

    tbh amelle and rihanna are the only ones tht look good with it, most ppl just look silly

    I think it's gorge.I always wanted to shave my head bald To to try it out.Hey it'll always grow back.I say go for it but make sure you get it done by someone good.Also make sure you can 'hide' that part should you want to grow it out.

    Dont do it.

    it does suit certain people, the girl off x factor has a brill look! but in most cases it looks i think id feel a bit weird aswell if my girlfriend had shorter hair than me

    when it comes to hair I am always for the " go for it " option because you can always grow it back!! simples

    it's grown on me. try a tiny bit maybe :thumbsup:


    it's [COLOR="Red"]grown[/COLOR] on me. try a tiny bit maybe :thumbsup:


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    I think you do have to have that certain edgey look to pull it off btu i dont have that look x

    ooh.. the jury's out on that one...

    wont it just look abit funny when you then try and grow it out and it gets to the half-way stage where it's neither long, nor short etc..and it may just look like there's sommat a bit dodgy goin on with your hair but one can't exactly figure out,

    I personally dont like it, bit too manish Cassie's pic is the worst

    if you like it then go for it! :thumbsup: my opinion is that it looks great and edgy :-D

    It looks absolutely TERRIBLE!!!!
    From ur pic, you very look very pretty and have lovely hair.
    Why would you want to shave it off and look a bit like a bloke???

    People actually think this looks good???

    Seriously, do you think she would look better from the left side orthe right side?
    It's a no brainer.

    I', a big fan of women looking FEMININE ... not "bloke like" lol.

    Please dont do it!!

    thfc andyp3;6481848

    they all look more ugly now


    I wouldnt do it, It looks stupid.


    I think you do have to have that certain edgey look to pull it off btu i … I think you do have to have that certain edgey look to pull it off btu i dont have that look x

    Because you have not had your head shaved yet but dont do it, you look good as you are. No Deal!

    Don't do it Tink.



    think it looks ok on short hair styles, but yuck on long ones

    i prefer the full skinhead myself

    looks better on the short styles

    Apart from looking like blokes I think they're alright....:thumbsup:

    Have you decided yet? Let us know what your gona do, and I would love to see pics if you get it done!

    dont like it
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