It won't be long now

    Check this out...


    OH you had to go and bring that up didn't you!?! Better start the shopping...

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    What do you mean start? I started 8 months ago!
    So come on guys, lets get organised. No last minute expensive gifts this year. Lets plan and get the best bargains. I'll help.

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    :idea: Do you think it's too early to switch the lights on on my avatar tree?:roll:

    Hehe... hadn't seen you around for a while Christmasshopper!! At least, not regularly anyway.

    Can't wait to see that Christmas tree all dressed up again!! It's one of my latest annual traditions, lol. Don't ever change it!!

    Admin says the Christmas rush will start in 2 months. I guess that's right!! October!!


    :idea: Do you think it's too early to switch the lights on on my avatar … :idea: Do you think it's too early to switch the lights on on my avatar tree?:roll:

    I hadn't seen this post when I made mine, lol.

    I think it is. It'll get me more excited for Christmas if you leave it on. It's still too far away to get excited about just yet. In October though it'll feel a lot more special.

    Maybe we could have a Blackpool illuminations style switch on?? A thread in Misc where we count down from 10 minutes to 1 minute (rather than seconds) and then you change the avy and we all see it light up as you change it!!

    or :roll: , that's what I'm wondering!! :-D

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    Are you getting excited yet?

    Blackpool illuminations have just been switched on tonight.

    lol you're on the ball christmasshopper! Are we going to do a christmasshopper helps you shop thread again? I think we should switch the lights at the end of Sept/beginning of Oct.

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    I will be away at the end of September / beginning of October so I think the Grand Switch-on will be during the second week in October.
    As for helping with the Christmas shopping...I'm ready when you are. It's what I was born for.

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    I've put a few baubles on my tree just to get you into the festive spirit.

    Tesco have got quite a lot of toiletries on BOGOF at the moment. I am going to start buying a few each week and make up toiletry hampers for Christmas presents.

    I notice the link in my OP doesn't go to the Christmas Countdown Calender anymore. I'll have to look for another one.


    I found one. I've edited the link now.


    Advent caledars were on sale in a big promo in my local Morrisons yesterday!

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    75 more days to go:)

    Lights are on and we're ready to go

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    No. Just a few baubles to put you in the Christmas mood! I thought I might wait until after halloween before I switch the lights on. How about on the 1st November?

    :cry: too soon!

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    Bah humbug.:lol::lol::lol:

    i can't wait and i love it even more now i've found hduk my gifts are costing me a fraction of original price plus i don't even have to trawl the streets lol thank you hduk and everyone who contributes
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