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IT Worlds Lightest Luggage- 10 year guarantee - sounds good -but ?

Posted 5th Oct 2014
Already got the GF one for our upcoming holiday ,does appear decent quality and so very very light . Medium ( 71cm x 43cm x23.5cm) weighs 1.93 Kg -my soft shell about the same size is 4.6 Kg . Problem is when you come to the small print -10 year guarantee only applies to manufacturing defects ! If it gets broken/damaged you must take it up with the airport/ airline immediately as its not guaranteed against "mishandling" . They're not expensive £33.29 for a medium from Argos (and are amazingly light) but I just feel the 10 year guarantee is a bit deceptive . Anyone used these cases and any thoughts . Seems almost like a challenge to baggage handlers worldwide .
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its like a 7 year warranty with a kia car, if you run that into a wall why should kia fix it?

Even if you buy an expensive samsonite case, most likely the guarantee will state the same terms and conditions.

If a manufacturer covered against handling damage these days I think they would very soon be out of business!

It's best to buy a cheaper case then you are not too upset when it turns up a mangled wreck! Speaking from experience!!
Several years ago we bought the large ones of these 'it' cases. They were dreadful. They couldn't cope with the weight inside and scrapped along the ground as they were pulled (2 wheeled ones). We didn't attempt to claim on the guarantee and put it down to experience and not use them again. However, earlier this year I bought a cabin size 'it' case at a bargain price and I love it. It's extremely light and as it's not large there isn't the weight issue. With new found confidence I've just been to argos this week to buy two medium 4 wheeled 'it' cases. I think as these are 4 wheeled and there won't be the weight of the large case they will be fine. At such a good price I'd say go for it but pay the extra fiver for the extra two wheels.
They are rubbish dont waste your money.
Could you be a bit more specific 'patti'?
thought every manufacturer has their own worlds lightest?
My daughter bought 2 of the largest Worlds Lightest Suitcase .Only place that had 2 the same colour was Slough Argos.I hate Slough but anyway got them from there.1 trip to Trinidad and both were wrecked and because my daughter was working in Trinidad she couldnt be bothered to claim.
I bought the same as Leessi did ,the carry on flight bag and that is good.Think it was half price in Argos a while ago and thank god didnt have to go back to Slough again.
But really you touch those suitcases and they feel like they are flimsy and they are.
I use a Rugged gear holdall that weighs hardly anything and has been to India 5 times,Singapore twice and Trinidad once and still looks good
Just editing as ! of the suitcase broke when it got to Trinidad the other was ok but broke when it was used to go to Usa a month later.Its the cheap metal structure that breaks
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Go to tk maxx, you'll find some decent luggage cases
They are so light because there is nothing to them, that's why they fall apart and break easily.

On a slightly different note, did you know that most cases it's pointless having a lock on them - you can easily open a suicase
using just a pen.
We bought one of these cases about 3 years ago, been away quite a few times and had no problems. When full it sometimes feels like the handles might rip off with the weight of the contents but they never have, and if they did I get a new case under warranty!

The warranty covers and failing in the material and the frame but you can't expect them to cover it being thrown off the back of the aeroplane and hitting the tarmac. All light weight cases are the same, you are paying for a bag with a plastic frame to keep it in shape. As long as the frame and bag don't wear away then they have done their job.

I've only had to claim against one suitcase being damaged when they somehow managed to crush one of the wheels and I got a new case for it. If more people claimed against the airports for damages then they might start treating out cases with more respect.
Hi, I have managed to claim on the It luggage warranty from a bag bought over a couple of years ago. Don't expect a brand new case though, I was sent the parts to fix and even had to cut them to size! However, I've just been on holiday and have come back with a crumpled case again so I will be claiming again. The first time, it was a defective plastic corner "joiner" that caused a few fibre rods inside to break. The annoying thing is that we bought two cases at the same time (and price) from Argos but my case appears to be an earlier design with thinner rods inside and different wheels compared to my wife's case. Her case has not had any troubles apart from a broken zip on the inside so perhaps, the newer the case, the better the build quality? Hope this helps.
Might be after a new case or two if anyone wants to share a deal!
I bought the meduim suitcase , took it on a cruise , could not open it as the zip broke. I was stranded with no option but to buy a replacement at the next port of call. This time I got Samsonite....hope I am going to be happier with this purchase.
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