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Found 7th Aug 2009
Guys, I need some help....…tml

does it say anywhere on any of those pdfs that the lottery is only open to residents of italy?

I wanna take a crack at it Not sure if i am eligible ... would be great if someone could read it and check quickly please... I tried google translator.. and it still read in italian

Thank you



use ]yahoo translator

"In order to demand a new PIN of game you must compile the following one form of control. Envoy will come all' mail address that you have associated to your account number an email in which you will have to confirm the demand. If the data that you have inserted are corrected, you will receive a second email in which it will come brought back your new PIN that, to the first access all' area bets, you will be able to personalize."

Original Poster…tml

Main regulations seem to be on :…tml

"There are even those who claim that one has a greater chance of being attacked by a wild bear in the center of Rome than picking the correct six numbers "

"According to mathematicians, the chances of a winner on Tuesday are 622 million-to-one, compared to 40 million-to- one possibility that an asteroid will hit the Earth in 2036."

lol still gonna try! as long as i can claim the prize at the end

I've had a quick look through and can't notice any reference to anything about the personal circumstances of the players, nothing about you have to be an Italian resident.

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Thanks chesso! will be playing from site.. looks like the official one!
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