Thank you to whoever it was that added the deal for the hotel in Venice that was get 2 nights for the price of 1 for only .01 euro. I received an email late last night saying they were definitely honouring the deal to me but if I had changed my mind and would like to cancel they would give me bonus points instead. I kept the deal because it is my birthday on the day I've booked. I can now book my flights which are going for £60 per person for a return. So all in all a fantastic deal. THANKS


    That is great! Wish I could have got that! is the hotel in a good place? Enjoy! lol

    this was on the news that they had decided to honour the bookings, excellent pr and I think you lucky people will enjoy it all the more knowing they are not resenting you being there,
    have fun and me mucho jealouso as it had gone by the time I saw it boo hoo

    yup I got the deal too…924

    going to email them today confirming I will be making use of my rooms (3 exec rooms for the weekend) unless there is a better offer of points to cancel....the 5000 bonus points doesnt equate to it would be wasting a weekend in Venice for nothing...
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