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Found 25th Feb 2007
Hi, i'm looking for the best price for the new Italian home rugby shirt, the best price i've found is £42.49 using the 15% discount code on kitbag.com anyone find it for cheaper
thanks in advance
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not worth it - the lucky ******s yesterday - can you tell I'm a sour Scotsman??? lol
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on another day you would've beat them but they got the bounce in those opening 6 minutes and that was it, but being a rugby player myself i was really impressed with the strength and guile of the italian pack especially the captain, no 8 and props
Yeh - they got the bounce and fair play to them - they held on and thats all that matters. At least we only lost by 20 points! lol
Seriously though, check ou cgi.ebay.co.uk/BNW…tem
Not sure if you are into ebay - but this says it is brand new and is Buy it Now
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nah don't want the 2003 one i want either the replica supporters one made by Kappa or the players tight fitting one also made by kappa, but would have the one thats sponsored by jaguar from a few years back
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