iteddy help please!

Found 16th Dec 2009
I'm desperetely in need of the usb charger lead for an iteddy! Does anyone know where I can get one from please? I've looked on the company's website, with no joy, and emailed them, but found a few complaints through google about their lack of communication...and I need it for monday!
If anyone knows of a proper name for them that might help too!
Thanks in advance!
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Hi, dont know where you can get one But if i remember right they are a standard USB Lead which then gets plugged into a USB Power adapter - same sort of thing which can be used on Ipods/Iphones - may be worth a try ? I know it wont be orange but it will most likely do the same thing
I have a spare one? How much would you like to pay?
Thanks for replying! I did wonder if they were the same as the ipods, but when I looked on ebay they all had flat charging bits, instead of the tiny round one that the iteddy has.
Mrs Bargain, how much are you looking for it delivered please?
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