Iteddy Return

    bought I-Teddy for the little one for xmas a while back and paid £60, only to find out today that its 1/2 price at £30.00.

    Its over the 30days return day but can i able to return it and possible get a credit note or money refund? was thinkin about saying it was bought for birthday present, but my mum had also bought it (or summit like that)


    I always lie a little and say that you explained to the shop assistant that sold it you it was for a birthday, they said even though it would be after the 28 days policy, because they stock this item it would not be a problem to return it.

    Hope this helps a little

    (santa approves of little lies for the good of the children):-D

    Where did you get it from?

    Annoying, but they may only offer you a refund at the current selling price if you don't have the receipt, but its worth a try. Good luck

    If it was faulty should be no problem :whistling:
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